Cabaretshows, the 20’s, 30’s and 40’s full of music, entertainment and variety, and we are there to keep it that way. We would love to fit your own motto, whisper or retro party right into that style of a cabaret show full of entertainment.

A Cabaretshow like in the movie Cabaret

with Liza Minelli as Sally Bowles and Joe Grey as the Conferéncier, from 1972. Embark on a journey into the wild and noisy nightlife of cabaret clubs of the 20’s, 30’s and 40’s, the years of dance on the volcano. Our Cabaret shows present the Cabaret in today’s ambience with stylish table decorations and a lot of entertainment. Celebrate and enjoy with your guests a lavish party in the style of Berlin’s Roaring Twenties, the French Belle Epoque and the American Swingin’ Thirties.

The Ambiance

The table decorations and our entertainers will be fitted from our side personally for your show. The large room’s will be fluted by warm shades of red to a rushing Cabaret Night. Golden Plates, programs with the preview of the show program, flower decorations and candlesticks on the magnificently decorated tables await you and your guests. In the years of crisis, humans stick to having banquets and celebration to overcome the problems. Attractive hostesses in cabaret corsages, pageboy wigs or Charleston dresses and pearl necklaces, or sequin tailcoat with cylinder stroll through the room. From her belly stores they distribute cigars, sweets or other giveaways as your promotional gifts. Comedians and amusing waiters present their service with humor in a challenging and slapstick-oriented combination of witty improvisation and equality entertainment.

Cabaret, varieté girls, burlesque dancers, dandies and live bands.

Enjoy the evening in the decadent chic of past times with cabaret, varieté girls, burlesque dancers, dandies and live bands. Burlesque became popular as indicated form of striptease from the 20’s. Our burlesque dancers perform with naughty moderation, dancing and singing as part of our show. Just like Dita von Teese they play with their sex appeal stylish and aesthetically in erotic poses, but won’t be standing naked on stage.

Our all-female bands with beautiful musicians can sing a large repertoire of popular music from the 20’s and 30’s. In stunning costumes the bands present with wit on a high musical niveau a spirited show to Charleston, tap dance and swing. With discreet background music of our big band we support your dance evening in the popular retro style to the sounds of Louis Armstrong, Billie Holiday and Frank Sinatra.

Gigolos as once in the golden 20’s. To have a real cabaretshow it needs to have dances. Missing dance partners of the female guests are not an obstacle to haunt the dance floor. Professional dancers in elegant clothes and with impeccable manners will ask you for a dance. The level of the dancers don’t matter, the professional will adapt to the level and guide the amateur safely and swinging across the floor.
If you always wanted to gamble look no further! Our cabaretshows will bring the gambling factor up and bring the illegal side onto your party. Our cabaret shows will be celebrated by our guests like celebrities and crooks, genuine and fake diamonds, in the plush casino corner you can find everything. Like the old time with illegal betting and shell games, popular art pieces in which our magician will pull the false money out of their pocket. Our animators and comedians understand it to get the audience excited, and scratch every giggle out of their bodies. The audience will be entertained interactively as well. At the poker, blackjack or roulette tables the astonished audience will be seeing table magic and comedy at close range. Our guests can play with huge amounts of money, they have nothing to lose but their invested counterfeit false money.

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