29. June 2020

the 20’s, Cabaret Show it starts again

the 20’s, Cabaret Show Dans le style des années 20, du Cabaret Show ou du grand Gatsby, nous vous emmenons dans le passé et vous faisons […]
19. June 2019


20s Show Berlin 200 international guests from Switzerland let themselves be seduced into the world of the cabaret, into the world of the legendary KIT KAT […]
19. June 2019

20er Jahre Show Cabaret Show

200 internationale Gäste aus der Schweiz ließen sich in die Welt des Cabarets, in die Welt des legendären KIT KAT Club, in der Bar jeder Vernunft  […]
13. June 2019

1920s Show Berlin in Ballhaus Berlin

1920s Show Berlin in Ballhaus Berlin Twentieth Show They take you into the time of 1920 in the time in which all have danced on the […]
12. June 2019


A-Roaring-20s-Show at Interconti Hotel Berlin Cabaret is well-known as a musical starring Liza Minnelli and the world-famous titles “Welcome, Bienvenue, Welcome,” “Maybe this time,” “Money,” and […]