Theme song from the musical: Cabaret

In black burlesque corsets, red ribbons and feather boas Charleston head loll our six benefited Cabaret Show dancers, sexy in their chairs before they begin to swing their sexy legs as in the musical from the Friedrichstadt Palace.

The song: “Mein Herr” from the musical Cabaret

It is about an affair which is about to be ended. “Bye mein Lieber Herr; it was a fine Affaire, but nowit´s over.“ Our Cabaret Show dancers will be dancing to the live vocals from our singers.

Willkommen, Bienvenue, Welcome

Willkommen, Bienvenue, Welcome to our Cabaret show. Just as brilliant as Joel Grey in the film: Cabaret performs our Conferéncier the title in tails. For this dance in our Open Air Cabaret Show, six dancers in white dresses made from fringe, will dance Step and Charleston.

Two Ladies from the musical: Cabaret

Two Ladies as in the film Cabaret sings and swarms our Conferéncier about his life with his two ladies.

Money, Money from the musical: Cabaret

Cabaret Show live duet. Liza Minnelli as Sally Bowles and Joel Grey as the Conferéncier will tell about the positive side of money.

Maybe from the musical: Cabaret

Maybe This Time from the movie theater, our singer performs in the red velvet ambience designed by us, a mixture of nostalgia and Las Vegas Cabaret show stage.

Cabaret-Show: The Charleston

The Charleston, a jazz composition from the 20s has been specially written and composed to accompany the Charleston dance musical. Our Cabaret Show Dancers start with a dancer on stage, the ladies in black corsets, red feather boas and headbands, the gentleman in black tuxedo pants, blue sequin vest and a straw boater, the typical retro hat on his head, before they mingle with the guests . At the end of the dance, the dancers show in blue corsets, sexy blue lace dresses, caps and blue feather boas.

Retro Lady Chapel of the 20s, 30s, 40s

A cabaret show of a special kind "for a night of bliss" from the 40's and "A small green cactus" from the 30s, amusing and glamorously presented by five professional musicians with various instruments such as violin, piano, accordion, clarinet , saxophone and double bass. The German counterpart to the ladies chapel from the U.S. film comedy "Some like it hot". Adorable dancers with beautiful expressions and gorgeous costumes will the guests on.

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