Burlesque Show Glass

Beauty Dance Burlesque Show Champagne Glass

The art of seduction, the art of undressing and seducing has never changed. Everyone wants to be wooed and taken into a fantasy world.
The old performance form of burlesque dance, opulently staged with a glass and unusual costumes, refines every show.
A mixture of dance, acrobatics and undressing are the basics of the burlesque show

Burlesque Show Berlin in a Glass – Elegance and Extravagance for your Event

Experience the fascinating world of burlesque in a unique production: the Burlesque Show Berlin in a Glass. This extravagant show combines the sensuality and glamour of classic burlesque with a modern twist that will amaze your guests. Whether it’s a company celebration, gala, wedding or private party – this unique performance will be an unforgettable highlight at your event.

What makes the Burlesque Show Berlin im Glas so special?

  1. Unique concept: Our burlesque show in glass offers a captivating combination of classic burlesque and innovative presentation. The dancers perform in large, transparent glasses, which creates a breathtaking visual effect and captivates the audience.
  2. Elegant and glamorous dancers: Our professional dancers are masters of the art of burlesque. With elegant movements, elaborate costumes and charismatic performances, they enchant every audience and give your event an exclusive touch.
  3. Exciting choreography: The show offers a mixture of classic and modern burlesque elements, combined with rousing music and creative choreography. Each performance is carefully staged and guarantees the best entertainment.
  4. Perfect for every occasion: Whether you are planning a company party, a wedding, a gala or a private party – our burlesque show is a highlight that will delight your guests. The unique presentation in the glass is a real eye-catcher and provides plenty of conversation material.
  5. Exclusivity and sophistication: The Burlesque Show Berlin in Glass stands for exclusivity and sophistication. The combination of glamorous dances and the special presentation in the glass gives your event a special touch and sets it apart from other events.

Ideal for various occasions

  • Corporate events: Impress your guests and business partners with an extraordinary and stylish show.
  • Weddings: Give your special day an extravagant touch and create an unforgettable highlight.
  • Galas: Create a luxurious and festive atmosphere with our unique burlesque show.
  • Private parties: Make your celebration a special experience that your guests will remember for a long time.

Book the Burlesque Show Berlin im Glas for your event

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